The International Society of Le Nature Concepts (ISLNC)

What is tithing?

Ancient teachings from many traditions teach us about tithing. Tithing may be used to soften the effect of our negative karma. Very simply stated, tithing is a simple technology that can be used to help increase our good karma and to offset to a certain degree our negative karma. The principle of tithing is very simple. By giving a small portion or approximately 10% of your income after taxes for spiritual and charitable purposes, it is possible to reap measurable and very positive karmic benefits in your life.In the Bible, in the Koran and in the Mahabharata, it says that what a person reaps is what he has sown. We strongly believe, that our tithing should be scientific. We must always remember, we cannot harvest what we have not planted. In other words, it is necessary for us to give in order to receive.

Please repeat the words of decree. Please say:

I hereby will and decree that the good karma generated by this tithing, will come back to me and my family many, many times. I decree that this tithing will come back to me spiritually, mentally, financially, in the form of good health and that it will be also used to partially neutralize my negative karma. I accept these great, great blessings, fully, completely and permanently, now, now, now! In full faith, we thank you!

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